SIM4NEXUS – Space offers an innovative approach to the Nexus scheme by introducing the idea of harvesting freely available Earth Observation (EO) and other space driven data as input and creating automated processes to implement and visualize the Nexus concept.

SIM4NEXUS – Space was developed in the framework of the SIM4NEXUS project and aims to:

  • Investigate possible space-driven datasets that can be used as input in the NEXUS models
  • Develop routines to process the datasets and feed the NEXUS model
  • Test its concept on one of SIM4NEXUS’s Case Study (Sardinia)
  • Evaluate the outputs by comparison to the initial results


You can find more on SIM4NEXUS project here.


How it works

  1. Input data from both (i) space-driven sources and (ii) databases used in the original system are utilized to run the System Dynamic Model (SDM) that represents the Nexus system of Sardinia.
  2. The output of the System was evaluated and compared to the results that was produced by inputting only the original inputs.
s4n concept
The S4N-Space Concept


To browse the space datasets that was selected as input you can visit here.

To find more for the output and results of the project click here.


Our Vision

The vision of SIM4NEXUS-Space is to enable the development of NEXUS system with the use of only space derived data as input and develop a fully automated system that will:

  • Operate only on freely available space derived data;
  • offer near real time results with minimum to no human interference (fully autonomous);
  • Adjust the S4N-SPACE algorithms to the SDMs of the other Case Studies.